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With our research services, we help marketers and internal consumer insights teams extend and enhance their research capabilities. Whether you need specialized support or need a one-off project done, we are here to help.


Preparing Your Study

Questionnaire Consultation

Get professional help tailoring and improving your questions to make sure you can gain meaningful insights from your survey.

Study Design

Are you certain your consumer insights study is answering the right business questions? Let us build a study for you based on your business or research goals.


Do you need to conduct a consumer insights survey in other countries or languages? We’ve built an extensive network of translators specifically trained to translate surveys. With our Researcher Translator Network, you can be confident your survey will be translated accurately and yield useful data.


Implementing Your Study


Ready to build your survey in an online platform? Our team is experienced at programming with the top online survey tools. Our preferred platforms are Pollfish and Alchemer; we also work with Qualtrics, Typeform, and SurveyMonkey.

Fielding Management

Most seasoned researchers have experienced the pain of a failed survey because it didn’t collect the data properly. Let us help you avoid that mistake by monitoring your live survey and making sure it is collecting data.


Processing & Analyzing Your Study

Data Aggregation & Validation

After the survey is complete, our team will evaluate the gathered data and ensure it is high quality. If you ran multiple surveys, we can merge the data so it can be analyzed together.

Verbatim Analysis

Gain meaningful understanding from your open-ended questions. Our team will work through all the answers, categorize them, and create actionable insights from the answers.

Statistical Analysis

After a successful consumer insights survey, it can be daunting to stare at thousands of data points in a spreadsheet. Our team can run a statistical analysis to turn your survey’s raw data into something you can use to start answering your business questions.

Custom Crosstab Report

Cross-tabulation reports are a helpful tool to quickly see results and insights from a survey. We can create this tool and show you how to use it to dive deeper into the data and find actionable insights.

Analysis & Insights

Get expert help interpreting the data from your survey. Trust our experts to analyze the survey data, draw actionable insights, and answer your business questions.

Let’s Talk

Need help with your consumer insights study? Book an initial conversation with FSI to discuss your business & research goals.

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