Finding Actionable Insights to Answer Big Business Questions

In today’s competitive market, you need every advantage you can get to ensure your products and services stand out. For many product & marketing teams, quantitative market research gives them the insights they need to validate product features & packaging, uncover truths about their customers, and understand how their brand compares to the competition. Find out how our research team can help you uncover insights tailored to your business.

Benefits of Working with FSI

Industry-Leading Best Practices

A poorly designed survey leads to low quality data and unreliable insights. We’ll make sure your project follows best practices from the start and gathers clear, relevant results.

We’re On Your Team

Most clients consider us an extension of their in-house research or product team.

Support for Data-Driven Decisions

We give you the tools and support you need to make data-driven decisions about messaging, packaging, or product.

Actionable Insights

While we are experts at designing, fielding, and analyzing studies, our real skill comes in uncovering insights from the data that you can use.

White Glove Service

When working with FSI, we will provide the level of service and care that large agencies cannot. Experience the difference of expert guidance through complex problems.

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Who We Work With

From small startups to the largest consumer brands, our team has conducted consumer insights studies for all types of B2C as well as B2B companies.

Marketing Agencies

Whether you are a branding, marketing, or PR agency, you know the importance of consumer insights in developing & fine-tuning your work. We help you test & validate packaging, designs, and messaging for your clients. Plus, we arm you with the data you need to win your next pitch.

Startups & Growing Companies

Don’t have an in-house consumer insights team? Looking to bring a new product to market? View us as your outsourced research partner. We’ll help you find answers to important business questions, test & validate products, and measure how your brand is viewed in the market.

In-House Insights Teams

We work with consumer insights teams within Fortune 100 companies with specific needs and overflow work. Whether you need support with translating or programming a survey, running a statistical analysis on a completed report, or just need help ramping up your research for a looming deadline, count on our research team to help.

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