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Thanks to the rapidly changing landscape, it has never been easier – or more affordable – to conduct quality custom research. That’s why we started Full Spectrum Insights – to bring actionable consumer insights to agencies, non-profits, B2B, and B2C companies.

Our experienced research team specializes in statistical analysis and insight reporting based on quantitative data. Thanks to our growing network of researchers, translators, statisticians, and methodology experts in the UK, US, and across the globe, we have the talent and reach to serve the most demanding clientele.


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Meet Our Team

Marko Madjarac

Co-Founder and President
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Anna Vinkler

Research Director
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Slaven Bogdanovic

Director of Data Operations
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Teodora Matic

Data Analyst
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Scott Owens

Research Manager
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Pollfish Implementation Experts

Pollfish, a popular online market research platform, has made it easier for in-house consumer insights & product teams to get feedback and validation for their campaigns.

Since 2019, FSI has been the Expert Research Partner of Pollfish, helping hundreds of Pollfish clients get the most out of their research efforts.

If you are looking for a trusted Pollfish implementation specialist, contact us today.

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